Bishop Solis' statement: Call to Forgiveness, Prayer and Healing

As a humble shepherd of the Catholic Church in Utah, together with my brother bishops in the United States, I express my personal shame, distress and anger concerning the sexual abuse committed by some of our priests, bishops and Church leaders against our children, young people and adults whom we are supposed to serve and to protect. >>>

2018 Bishop's Dinner will celebrate 25th anniversary of cathedral's rededication

Several people who were instrumental in helping to provide the beauty seen today in the cathedral will be recognized at the 2018 Bishop’s Dinner.  >>>

Carta del Obispo Solis sobre el Congreso Pastoral y sobre el Plan Pastoral

 Invito a todo el pueblo de Dios en nuestra diócesis - a los párrocos, diáconos, ministros de la Iglesia y feligreses – a participar en el Congreso Pastoral Diocesano.  >>>

Declaración del Obispo Solis con respecto al reporte del Gran Jurado de Pensilvania

Declaración del Obispo Solis con respecto al reporte del Gran Jurado de Pensilvania >>>

Letter from Bishop Solis on the diocesan Pastoral Congress and Pastoral Plan

I invite all the people of God in our diocese – all pastors, deacons, Church ministers and parishioners – to participate at our annual diocesan Pastoral Congress. >>>

2018 Pastoral Congress has new format

The 2108 Diocese of Salt Lake City’s Pastoral Congress will focus on the new Pastoral Plan, with two keynote speakers whose topics will address the plan’s priorities. >>>
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