Souls are touched by the Holy Spirit at healing Mass

Friday, Nov. 14, 2014
Souls are touched by the Holy Spirit at healing Mass + Enlarge
Father Arokia Dass David anoints and prays with the faithful as they come forward to rest in the Holy Spirit for healing. IC photo/Christine Young

MIDVALE — Approximately 100 people gathered at Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Parish Nov. 8 to attend a healing Mass to ask the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts. 
“Sometimes our mind is closed to the Holy Spirit; let the Holy Spirit come inside you and touch your mind and every part of your body,” said Father Arokia Dass David, parochial vicar, as the Mass began. 
“If you ask the souls in heaven why they are there, they will answer that they listened to the Holy Spirit,” said Fr. David, quoting Saint John Vianney. “If you ask those who are in hell why they are there, they will tell you they resisted the Holy Spirit.”
In his homily, Fr. David said many people are not content with how they look, their jobs, or their spouse, “and the list goes on, so they go out and buy something new to try to satisfy themselves,” he said.
Reasons for discontent include unrealistic expectations, which lead to depression; unfair expectations, which lead to unfair comparisons that will destroy our satisfaction; and unnoticed blessings. 
“We don’t thank God for our blessings or our adversities,” Fr. David said. “We blame God when we become ill or get cancer; God gives us so many blessings and we don’t realize it.”
Another reason for discontent is uncontrolled ambition. “We strive for excellence but don’t always achieve it; we may become jealous or envious of someone else who does,” he said. 
The secret to being content is to “have an attitude of gratitude, to please Jesus and to love and show concern for other people,” Fr. David said.
Following Communion, Fr. David processed through the chapel holding a monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament. “Jesus will touch you and your illnesses and diseases as he passes,” he said.
“It is a real experience to raise your hands as the Lord processes by in the monstrance; it is a joy,” said Maria Martinez, who attended the Mass. “We can receive a lot of gifts if we are open to the Holy Spirit.” 
Fr. David then anointed participants with chrism oil and prayed with them. Some were overcome and allowed the Holy Spirit to take control of them; they were assisted to the floor to rest in the Holy Spirit.
Ingrid Peres, 10, was the first to rest in the Spirit. “I couldn’t remember anything until I woke up and then I had a feeling of wanting to cry with joy and happiness for God,” she said. 
LaVerne Leonard also was overcome by the Holy Spirit and said she “felt complete peace and calm; I felt things were going to be OK.”
The healing Mass also included music provided by Chrispin Sangano and the Saint Patrick Parish African Choir.
“Vatican II reported that participation in singing is a way to be present with Jesus and he with you; sing, be active and praise the Lord,” said Fr. David, adding that the music ministry is an important part of the Mass. 
“Some people have come to me and said they have been healed of an illness from attending this Mass,” said Fr. David.
Prior to the healing Mass for the sick at 9 a.m. every second Saturday of the month, a bilingual rosary for the sick is prayed at 8:30 a.m. at Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, 624 W. Lennox St., Midvale. For information, call 801-255-3721. 

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